Fantastic Fig is a unique, psychic walk-around magician now known as a “celebrity magician” because he was selected out of thousands of magicians to appear on a national cable commercial in 2012, and was the only close-up magician ever sent to Las Vegas by the 3 judges on “America’s Got Talent” which aired on 6-29-11.

Paul F. Fegen (aka Fantastic Fig) is a native of Los Angeles who attended Los Angeles High School, UCLA as an undergraduate, and USC Law School.  He worked his way through school as a dance instructor, a clown, and a juggler.  In June 1961, he was admitted to the bar and was a very successful attorney and real estate executive (founder of “Fegen Suites”) leasing more office space (7.5 million square feet) than anyone in the United States before becoming a full-time professional magician.

When you, your family, or friends have a party or event, call Fig and he will amaze and dazzle them with incredible strolling up-close playing card magic.  Or, if someone invites you to a party or event where you would otherwise bring a gift, let Fig and his magic be your special gift to make the event more memorable for everyone.

As an option, Fantastic Fig’s beautiful black and white cat Newton, who sits on Fig’s shoulder as he perform magic, is a real crowd-pleaser at any event or party.  Kids and adults will all love his beautiful and friendly cat who allows anyone to pet or play with him as he sits on Fig’s shoulder.

Visit the HOME page to watch several videos of Fantastic Fig and Newton in their recent media appearances and see them amaze and dazzle everyone.  Then call Fig at (310) 286-1111 to book him for your party or event!