Fig and Newton

Paul F. Fegen (aka Fantastic Fig) is a native of Los Angeles who attended Los Angeles High School, UCLA as an undergraduate, and USC Law School.  He worked his way through school as a dance instructor, a clown, and a juggler.  In June 1961, he was admitted to the bar and was a very successful attorney and real estate executive (founder of “Fegen Suites”) leasing more office space (7.5 million square feet) than anyone in the United States before becoming a full-time professional magician.

Fantastic Fig, is one of the world’s best close-up mind-reading magicians around. He has performed magic at a number of high profile events, with guests including President Jimmy Carter, First Lady Nancy Reagan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, actors Demi Moore, Tom Arnold and Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. He has also performed magic on TV Shows, such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathy Griffin Show and was the hit of the night when he appeared on “America’s Got Talent.” Fantastic Fig always wows his audience with his amazing skills and his delightful wit and charm.

Besides being the BEST of the best close-up magicians, Fig often works with his trained rescue cat, Newton, who sits on his shoulder as Fig performs magic, often “telling” him where a playing card is hidden. On verbal command, Newton jumps from his shoulder into a briefcase, rollingover either to the left or right, and can walk on his hind legs.  


Fegen Suites

 On August 1, 1966, Paul Fegen opened his first law suite for attorneys, investing only $200 for the furniture. He developed his business by leasing large blocks of office space (usually entire floors) and "building out" the raw space into beautifully decorated professional suites. He included reception services, telephone answering, photocopy machine, conference room and law library. His tenants have primarily been lawyers, but the fine the amenities of his suites attract other dignified professionals. His name has become synonymous with law suites with most attorneys referring to them as "Fegen Suites" because they were conceived by Paul Fegen (but they are also called professional suites and executive suites). On July 1, 1970, Mr. Fegen incorporated his law suite business as Attorneys Office Management, Inc. (AOMI).

Over the years AOMI grew to 220 locations in 26 states with thousands of tenants and hundreds of employees, making it the largest subleasing company in the world. In 1982 there was a severe depression of the rental market, leaving space unoccupied all over the country. Consequently, beautiful new office buildings in which he had rented space in Houston and Las Vegas stood virtually empty and went into foreclosure. Because of the crashing real estate market, AOMI had difficulty renting out its space as well, and expenses exceeded income. So, AOMI reorganized and was sold a few years later.

After the sale, Mr. Fegen's contributions were acknowledged when he was hired by the buyer as Chairman of their advisory committee and was paid a temporary licensing fee for the use of his name and the trademark, "Fegen Suites."

Paul now runs a virtual office in his Beverly Hills Penthouse Suite.

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Legendary Parties

Paul had many parties when he lived above the Sunset Strip. His parties were written up in newspapers and aired on many television shows including ABC channel 7 special calling him “LA’s Party King” because of the guests who attended his parties such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek (whose father lived 2 houses from him) keyboardist of the DOORS, John Lennon, and David Bowie (who performed in my living room when Mercury Records hired Fig on Valentine’s Day February 14, 1971 to introduce him to Los Angeles). 

Other famous attendees include: Three Dog Night, Alice Cooper, Demi Moore, Robin Williams, David Lee Roth, John Stamos, David Faustino, and Alice Cooper, The Who, Motley Crew, The Police, Three Dog Night, and Queen. 

On December 1, 1971, the LA Times ran a front page article in the upper left-hand corner about Fig, which continued for two additional pages, entitled “The FIG Life: One Big Party After Another.” That front page article about Fig and his parties made him a local celebrity, causing many people to call him a “legend” or an “icon.” Both then before the internet, almost everyone read the LA Times. 

On October 1, 1980 When Devo’s song “Whip It” was #1 on the Billboard Top 100, Fig hired Devo to celebrate his nephews’ birthdays at the Beverly Hilton for 4000 of their and some of his friends for dinner and dancing, which was televised by Randy Roach from ABC TV (channel 7 in Los Angeles).

In 1982 ABC TV showed another TV segment when he had a purple party with a horse and chariot driving him up to his home when his date was a sweet and innocent 18-year-old named Heidi Fleiss, who later became very famous for being a Hollywood madam to the stars.

In 1998, ABC did a TV segment on Fig's parties, calling him “L.A.’s Party King”. This was before the internet so most people would read the Times every day for their news.