The Magic of love



Fig is the perfect entertainer for your stage show for your wedding because he does more than just a stage show; he always include a lot of audience participation!

Fantastic Fig has entertained at many weddings and received many compliments such as the following:

“We received so many positive comments from our guests regarding our choice of entertainment at our wedding. We were extremely happy and everything went off without a hitch. Paul's hard work really stands out with his passion to keep our guests entertained and demonstrated by getting all of the audience's attention. We truly enjoyed our time with Fantastic Fig and will always cherish the memories at our Wedding. Thank you Paul for being the best!”

- Michael Jones, Wedding Reception at the Landmark Hotel, Pasadena, CA

“Fantastic Fig was a great hit, and perfect for the wedding. He really wowed everyone with his skills with the cards, and he spent a lot of time ensuring that he interacted with everyone. I would definitely recommend him for another event!”

- Robyn M, Wedding Reception, Port Hueneme, CA

Fantastic Fig will make your wedding more memorable to those fortunate enough to attend such a romantic and beautiful event.


Planning a Proposal?

Fig is the best magician to surprise your fiancée-to-be. He's done it before. Fig will go to a restaurant when you are having lunch or dinner and will set it up ahead with the maître d’ that a magician will be entertaining you and your girlfriend. 

He will then do one or two card tricks for people sitting near you who smile at him (because he will be wearing a glittery tuxedo) and then he will approach you and her and read your minds, do several card tricks that will amaze and dazzle both of you by reading your minds. 

Then he will show you my business card which says he's a psychic. Fig will then predict you two are perfect for each other and will definitely get married because he knows you are not yet married or even engaged, so one of you should consider proposing. 

Then as he starts to leave, Fig reappears with a ring to say this is a magic ring which he predicted you must give her so your not yet born children can be in her tummy. And you can tell your friends children how you got married and it will be a story for your future generations to tell.